Departure & Transportation


Timing is Critical: Our departure each morning is as early as possible in order to be on the lagoon when bird activity is best, please be ready on time. All wildlife activity in the tropics diminishes quickly as the midday heat intensifies. We attempt to make a quick pick-up and getaway from town each morning. Passengers in town should be in front of their hotels or in the lobby at 6:30am. We will pick-up passengers in west-side Rinconada and Bacocho hotels (eg Villas Carizalillo, Posada Real) at ~ 6:40am. Complimentary coffee is served on board at time of departure from the dock at 7:30am.  You can buy a good breakfast and drinks at the beach restaurant during our 40 minute beach break. Restroom facilities are available at the dock restaurant at departure, and 2 hours later at the beach restaurant.  


Our lagoon explorer motorboats have evolved into efficient 23’ fiberglass , comfortable 10 passenger (with individual seats and backrests) , 4 stroke engine (much less oil pollution) models without an overhead canopy. Without a roof we can enter mangrove tunnels with low overhanging vegetation to access the best areas, as well we have much better views of wildlife. Your boatman and guide are quick to cut the motor and paddle these boats to position you for best views and photo opportunities. We don’t operate in the heat of midday, but do bring a sunhat. If you require a canopy we suggest a “boat-ride” offered by other operators. Ground transportation is first class service provided by Turismo Dimar and their chauffeurs. Without exception Hidden Voyages Ecotours offers the highest quality ecotours available on this lagoon. Beware of operators who have copied this brochure, but who cannot deliver knowledgeable service.

Join naturalist Michael Malone for exciting Birding Expeditions on the wild lagoons of the Pacific coast of Oaxaca state, Mexico