Mountain Birding - at the Coffee Ranch

We invite you on a birding excursion at 3,000’+ elevations to seek out endemic Oaxacan birds in tropical evergreen, cloud forest, and mixed pine-oak habitats. We’ll seek out rare and endemic species such as Blue-capped Hummingbird, Grey-crowned Woodpecker, Red-headed Tanager and Golden Vireo. We’ll also explore an active coffee finca, view the coffee production process, sample some organic coffee onsite and enjoy the magnificent mountain vistas. Be prepared for moderate walking, mostly going downhill. Not recommended for people subject to motion sickness from twisting mountain roads. Bring a hat, sunscreen, water and snack items; 2 person minimum, 4 persons maximum.


Important Details

By appointment only with M Malone:
day of the week is flexible

You must speak directly to Michael Malone to book this tour in Puerto Escondido at 954 582 7649  or email Michael at

Price per person

Full Day: 5:30am - 6pm, 2-4 persons: 2,000 pesos or $109.US each;

Overnight Stay w 3 meals: depart 5:30am,  return next day 5:00pm: $2,800 pesos or US $149.



Departure: 5:30 AM

Return: 5:00 PM


Join naturalist Michael Malone for exciting Birding Expeditions on the wild lagoons of the Pacific coast of Oaxaca state, Mexico